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I Survived A Suicide Attempt: Pablo

Pablo plays a word game with himself to combat negative thinking, and it works!

"It’s just getting into the habit of recognizing it and then putting the brakes on it. And you just kind of keep doing that."

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I Survived A Suicide Attempt: Patty

Patty thinks that the world is populated with survivors and knows that sharing stories is an important part of tapping into that network.

"I think it’s important for me to tell my story because people survive all kinds of things...What I’ve seen coast to coast, if a person is a survivor, it’s important that people should know that."

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Bouncing Back After An Attempt

Jordan, a suicide attempt survivor, says he was better able to cope with his depression once he accepted it.

"It's important to have a healthy emotional balance...[and] the best way to find that is to know yourself…know what makes you happy."

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I Survived A Suicide Attempt: Keris

Keris, a former National Alliance on Mental Illness Board President, relies on a full schedule to help her lead a healthy lifestyle.

"My plan is just to keep busy…I just keep busy and make my work worthwhile."

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I Survived a Suicide Attempt: Jennifer

Jennifer wants to be a voice for those too afraid to speak up about mental illness and advocate for more accessible services.

"I’m hopeful that just maybe I can be one more voice that gets somebody somewhere to pay attention to the fact that there’s an actual...problem here and being quiet about it... deciding that it can only be spoken of in hushed tones and making it this taboo subject is not doing anybody any favors."

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