Stories of Hope and Recovery

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline PSA

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline PSA

"Show up. Listen. And bring Chicken Soup."

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I Don’t Miss Mother’s Day: Mourning A Mother’s Death By Suicide

Brett celebrates his mother's memory every day, not just on a designated holiday.

"I adored my mother. I didn’t need a specific holiday to express myself, or to prompt me to think about how I felt. Every day was Mothers’ Day in my heart, and I know that despite how she felt at any given moment, within her illness, she knew that."

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I Survived A Suicide Attempt: Pablo

Pablo plays a word game with himself to combat negative thinking, and it works!

"It’s just getting into the habit of recognizing it and then putting the brakes on it. And you just kind of keep doing that."

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From Rock Bottom To Living Well

After serving for years in the military, Robert viewed treatment as a second chance at fulfilling his dream as a medic.

"I was not going to fail."

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I Survived A Suicide Attempt: Patty

Patty thinks that the world is populated with survivors and knows that sharing stories is an important part of tapping into that network.

"I think it’s important for me to tell my story because people survive all kinds of things...What I’ve seen coast to coast, if a person is a survivor, it’s important that people should know that."

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