Stories of Hope and Recovery

I Can Be Happiness

Star Carter shares how for her, humor was a path out of the darkness.

"I have something to offer this world."

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Watch Me Dance Watch Me Grow

Kisha Bashkiharatee celebrates her three years in dancing, and talks about how it has developed in her personal wellness.

"You can be uncomfortable and you can also recognize so many other things about yourself. Being able to recognize that there's more out of every situation and we have the choice and the opportunity to pick which part of that situation we're going to focus on."

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Poetically Sane: Halima Shegow

Halima Shegow of Sweden’s Revolution Poetry on the words that make a difference for her.

"You don't need to be a doctor, or a psychologist, or a therapist to say the right words to someone. It can literally be one word, one sentence, and it just clicks."

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Waste of Film: Travis Young

Travis Young shares the story of his difficult youth, his ensuing depression and two suicide attempts—and how he reclaimed his own unique outlook on life through the lens of a camera.

"...Developing the film at home just kind of helped extend this idea that I was taking care of more than just pictures, I was taking care of my emotions..."

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Here’s What I Learned From My Suicide Attempt: Mike Liguori

After 9/11, Michael Liguori joined the Marines to fight for his country. When he returned, he struggled with PTSD and attempted suicide. This is his story.

"I want to share this with you because life is complicated, hard and often, a constant struggle. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone."

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